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a second love

Yes, we are talking about clothes.

Secondhand and thrifted fashion hasn't always been popular. Some people don't like the idea of used clothing, and that's okay. However, there are many upsides to secondhand fashion.

1) It saves money. Secondhand fashion's biggest upside: it's never retail price! Typically you can find like-new or good used condition items for WAY lower than the retail price. On resale sites like Poshmark, you can even find items brand new with tags lower than the tag price. Tons of pieces in my closet were amazing quality when I purchased them, and the prices were great.

2) It is more sustainable. Buying used clothing is like recycling. You're able to reuse that item and give it a longer life instead of throwing it away. This way, it ends up in another closet instead of a landfill. I was once told that shopping is like voting. When you shop at a store, you are giving them your vote and approval. Watch who you are supporting! Have you ever thought of not only where your clothes are made, but where they could end up when you are done with them?

3) It's exciting! Thrifting gives opportunities to find unique and fun pieces. You could find something from 50+ years ago that you couldn't find now! My personal favorite is finding old merchandise from music artists, especially Taylor Swift. I have been able to find tour and album tees from all the way back to 2012 that definitely aren't in production now.

I asked my good friend, Storm Dolfi of ShopStoLeeDo, a couple questions about thrifting and secondhand shopping. Storm has a knack for finding the most unique pieces, and she even operates her own Poshmark shop!

Question: What is your #1 reason for thrifting and buying secondhand?

Storm: "I love the hunt for finding unique pieces! It stimulates my creative brain, and inspires me to create interesting outfits, thrift flips, and DIY projects."

Question: Do you ever buy brand new, or are you 100% a thrift queen?

Storm: "I try to avoid buying new goods as much as possible. The few clothing items I buy new are undergarments, workout apparel, and swimsuit bottoms. Rarely, I will buy myself something new from a retailer, but I try to make sure it is something I will get lots and lots of wear out of! I also try to find most of my home decor and organizational items at the thrift, too!"

Question: Where are your favorite places to shop, online or in store?

Storm: "My favorite thrift shop in Columbus is Out of the Closet - it's a good size for a quick thrift trip, has an amazing rewards program, and supports a good cause. I love checking out new local shops when I visit new towns too. In addition to selling, I also often buy on Poshmark. You can find amazing deals, your new goodies always ship fast, and it supports small businesses and resellers (like me!)"

Check out some of Storm's thrifted and DIY looks below, and make sure to check out her Poshmark store, StoLeeDo!

I need to make this clear: I am NOT saying to never buy brand new. Buy what you like, however you like to get it. I personally don't ALWAYS shop secondhand. I work in a boutique, so impulse buying pretty new pieces is a given. However, don't dismiss secondhand fashion! You can find good pieces at great prices. I use Poshmark A LOT, especially when I am looking for a certain brand or a certain style. It's great for buying brand names, too! Some of my favorite secondhand purchases include: almost new Doc Martens, purchased for $60, original retail $150; new Birdies loafers, purchased for $12, original retail $120; and ModCloth Tiger Lilies skirts, purchased for $13 and $12, original retail $55. As you can see, I save a lot of money on some of my favorite things! All of these items were in great condition when I purchased them, and my bank account didn't cry!

Check out some of my favorite looks I've put together with items I bought secondhand!

Next time you're in a shopping mood, think about going secondhand! You have online choices like Poshmark, Depop, and even Etsy! If you're wanting a store, there are places like Plato's Closet/Clothes Mentor, and local thrift stores! Some thrift stores benefit good causes, which is even more reason to go! Even if you buy something secondhand, it is still new to you. Check the condition, and if it's good, you're golden! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some skirts to shop for on Poshmark. Give secondhand a chance!


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