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It's dress season, baby!

The warmer months are prime dress-wearing season. Not only are there summer events for dresses, but they're really more comfortable in hot weather. Personally, I'm in a dress (or skirt) about 85% of summer. I even had someone point it out to me the other day - "You're wearing a lot of dresses!" So true, and SO justified. What's good about dresses? When you need to, how do you pick your best dress?

First thing's first. Dresses are the BEST summer outfit choice. Hands down. Undeniably. No arguments taken. The majority of summer dresses are made with the season in mind, so the material is going to be the most comfortable for the heat... think cottons and linens! They're also not right against you like a typical short or pant. Jeans and shorts during the summer don't give you much room to breathe - hypothetically, that is. Dresses tend to be flowy and perfect for catching a breeze, moving the fabric around you. Do your jean shorts flow in the wind?

The best dress argument? No. Matching. Yep! Truthfully, what's better than an outfit where you only need ONE PIECE? (Jewelry and shoes aside) Like... how much time have you wasted trying to coordinate an outfit? Dresses are here for you. Dresses are the solution.

So, dresses are great, right? But how do you pick the right one for the occasion? If you stop to think, summer is FULL of events that may not require a dress, but definitely fit one. Let's take weddings for example. We all know the warmer months are wedding season, and we usually like to wear a dress, right? The rules here are simple: not too flashy, and DON'T! WEAR! WHITE! (People actually argue this?!) My favorite dresses for weddings are solid colors in sleek, streamlined silhouettes, or fun florals with a cute fit & flare! However, it really comes down to personal style. Maybe you have a nice dinner date planned. It's important to think of the restaurant atmosphere while getting ready. You don't want to wear a tshirt dress to a more elegant setting, and you *probably* don't need a satin floor-length for a patio dinner... (Even though I don't believe you can ever be overdressed) I recently found MY new favorite dress that I'll be wearing out on a nice evening. It has tulle and floral details, low-key tea party vibes, but I'll be wearing it to dinner this summer! It's not too fancy and not too casual, making it the perfect dress for almost any occasion.

Now, like I said, you really can't overdress. I have great midi length floral dresses that could belong in a garden party, but I wear them to work. To me, a lot of dresses can be "every day dresses," it's just up to you. If it's not covered in sparkles or floor length, it's going to be an everyday dress for me. Take a dress from everyday to dressed-up with a simple change of shoes or jewelry. Even though dresses don't require matching garments, the accessorizing can be important. I can take some of my favorite dresses to work with a sandal or sneaker and swap out for a heel at night!

It's really all about how the dress makes you feel. When you feel great, you're gonna look great! Have fun with your dresses, but make sure you're not too far off from the general vibe. You can save yourself time before work and grab a dress from the closet - hello cute AND comfortable all day long. Going out for a day with friends? Grab a lightweight dress, maybe even with a cute print! You're going to look put together and really, it's just more convenient. I'm telling you... just grab a dress.

I'll be honest, I can keep going on about dresses and where to wear them, how to style them, etc... but we'll leave it here. Go find your best dress!

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