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cold weather chic

Is that even a thing?

So, it’s been freezing in Ohio. Recently, even BELOW freezing. Yikes. Usually cold weather makes you want to just be warm and cozy, right? And often times it translates into the uniform of leggings or jeans and a hoodie, fuzzy sherpa, etc. because that’s the easiest to put together.

It doesn’t have to be that way! You can stay warm in the cold but ALSO stay cute. I know, I know, how do I wear my nice and stylish pieces in THIS weather? Let’s talk about it.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you don’t have to sideline your leggings. They can still go with so many outfits! (Um, yay!) If you still want to be comfortable for the day, it can work. Instead of going for the leggings and hoodie combo, switch it up. First, grab an oversized or long sweater. Next, add on your favorite jacket or blazer. Layers = warmth, right? You can still rock your leggings, but now you have an elevated layered look. Finish it off with a cute boot, like a cool lace-up combat style. Top it off with a big scarf, and guess what? Now you’re warm AND stylish. Easy, right?

Now, you may want to stay in your comfy uniform, and that’s okay. However, there’s options to upgrade! I love to wear leggings and a sweatshirt on a Sunday of errands, but sometimes I want more. I stick with the sweatshirt, but I layer it up! Adding a collared shirt or a mock neck shirt under a sweatshirt will not only give you extra warmth, but added style. Instead of your plain pullover, now you’ve got a “I totally thought about this outfit” look. This works for sweaters as well! It gives depth to your outfit without sacrificing the comfort of it all.

The key items for this? Jackets, blazers, easy-to-layer sweatshirts and sweaters, and of course, your favorite legging, jegging, whatever you want! Layers are your best friend. They keep you warm, but they give your outfit more than it had before. I mean, really, what's better than practicality AND style?

If you want to go a step further and add a little bit MORE to your look, you can. When layering your jacket or blazer over your top, look for something with a print, like a good ol' plaid! Add that to an all-black outfit, and now you have a statement piece AND you aren't freezing. Win-win. Now, let's add a little more. See those black leggings? Let them stay home today. We're going back to prints here... get yourself a good printed legging! Not in a child-like "these are my favorite floral leggings" way, but a "I'm professional and comfortable" way. The best place to look? My favorite brand for leggings - Lysse. I love Lysse because they have a clean, put-together look with comfort off the charts. They make leggings in great prints, like houndstooth or polka dots. (Yeah, I have polka dot ones. Surprised?) Making your leggings fun can make your comfy day outfits turn into your every day outfits. And when you don't have to distinguish between the two, then you've got it.

Of course, there will still be "why is it this cold in Ohio" days, and those days may warrant the oversized sherpa and leggings combo. But on other cold days, try something new! Layer to your hearts desire; you'll be warm and look great! Spring through fall can't have all the cute outfits, you can bring some into winter.

On a side note... when is it warming up? Just asking for a friend.


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