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festive 'fits

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and an excuse for dashing outfits!

When you think of holiday outfits, you probably think of Christmas sweaters, Santa tees, or even a fun snowflake printed something-or-other. The question is, how do you dress festive for the season without being full-force Christmas? Easy.

The best way to be subtly festive: utilize the colors of the season! Pop on some red and green or silver and gold. Your outfit doesn't have to scream Santa! Try pairing a solid red sweater or blouse with a coordinating plaid or houndstooth bottom for a subtle holiday look. To keep it even more low-key, go for a pair of jeans! (This would all work for green as well) You can find plaid shirts or skirts in a holiday color scheme, like red, green, and maybe a little navy. This way, you’re wearing Christmas colors without looking like the star of your own Christmas film.

Patterns can be an important part to a toned down Christmas look. As mentioned before, houndstooth and plaids will be your best friend. But not just any plaids - get your hands on some buffalo plaid, tartan, or maybe even a Christmas-y gingham! You can potentially cover ALL Christmas colors within a single garment and pair the rest of your look with solid and neutral colors. Recently, I wore a red, green and navy blazer, but I matched it with a pair of jeans and a tan beret. I know I wore this before December (Christmas starts in November, okay?!) but it didn’t look too out of place because I wasn’t over-the-top festive.

If you don’t want Christmas colors, then get a little sparkly. The holidays are a perfect time for glitter and metallics! You can look LIKE a Christmas tree without wearing one ;) I love to add some shine with a fun shimmer skirt or sparkly accessories, anywhere from socks, jewelry, or even hair accessories. I mean, what is more fun than a sparkly SOCK? (Answer: nothing!) If you add your sparkle with jewelry, try some dramatic earrings or a statement necklace. Wearing all black? No problem. Add some silver and gold and suddenly you’re ready for a holiday party.

Seriously, accessories are your best friend here. Every outfit needs accessories, so it’s a perfect way to show off your Christmas spirit. Instead of wearing your Christmas tree sweater, try some Christmas themed jewelry! Adding a fun festive earring is a great way to show your love for the season. It can be an everyday outfit, but add on a novelty earring and now you’re festive. I personally like to do Christmas themed earrings (think wreaths and candy canes) OR a liiiiiittle bit of jingle bells. ;) I have Christmas necklaces, bracelets, and earrings… oh my! BUT right now, my go-to accessory is a headband. I definitely stocked up for the Christmas accessorizing season. I have headbands with Christmas plaids, pearls, velvet, sparkles… you name it! Adding one of my festive headbands to an outfit is an easy way to show my festivity.

As you’re dressing for this season, keep in mind - you can be festive without being the star of Elf. Going to a holiday party? Swap out your ”ugly“ sweater for a little bit of red with some sparkle! Want to be merry while you shop? Get yourself a fun plaid headband or scarf. There’s so many ways to be Christmas-y without being TOO Christmas-y. Have a great time showing your holiday cheer any way you like. I mean, sometimes an ugly Christmas sweater is necessary.

"Meowy" Christmas, and happy holidays!


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