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from curly to curlier

Yes, that’s actually possible!

Curly hair is a given for me. I mean, it’s in the blog name! However, my curls have never been to their full potential. I’ve tried different haircuts, products, drying methods, and more. My curls were just never curling the way I wanted! Until now.

before (slide for more)

Enter the DevaCut, or curly cut. I knew about DevaCurl products, but never this specific haircut! I had someone recommend it to me, and I did some research. I saw girls go from sort-of curly hair to INSANE curls. Like, perfect, bouncy ringlets! I read some horror stories as well, but with the right stylist all can go well. I was a bit hesitant at first (because really, haircuts can be SCARY), but I went with it!

The unique thing about a curly cut is that it’s done with dry hair. Whaaatt?! Yep! I know, almost all haircuts are done wet or damp, but not this one! This allows for the curls to be cut in their natural state and how they lay on your head. Although I couldn’t watch most of the process (my glasses were off, and those are my eyes, haha), I could see the shape of my hair change. My stylist not only cut layers into my hair, but shaped my face as well. This is one element I’ve always been missing in haircuts!

The best part about this experience was not only the special haircut, but the way my stylist taught me how to care and style my new curls! Once the cut was done, my hair was a fluffy and frizzy mess. The next step was to wash. My stylist did a regular shampoo, but the conditioning process was new to me. Usually when you use conditioner you rinse it all out, right? Not for the curls. Once the conditioner was worked through my hair, it was a spritz of a rinse, and I was done. So yeah, there was a LOT of conditioner in there. BUT, curls need hydration to form! That means when it comes to drying, all it takes is a few squeezes with a microfiber towel or tshirt, but not enough to dry it out. You still want it wet to style! Moving on to the styling... Step 1: a little volumizing mousse, especially around the roots. This gave my curls a little lift! Step 2: styling gel. Lots of it. Like, lots and lots. The key to putting in this product is scrunching. Like scrunch until you can scrunch no more. And yes, there is still water and conditioner in there so you should HEAR the scrunch. Or maybe its like a squish? Step 3: a little bit of curl cream. Again, SCRUNCH SCRUNCH SCRUNCH. At this point, my hair is still wet and fulllllll of product. My stylist taught me how to clip up my curls at the roots, which keeps them from drying flat. Off to the dryer I went, and I waited... and waited... and finally, it was time for the reveal.

You know when you think you add too much product and your hair ends up stiff? That’s what it felt like! However, it wasn’t staying like that. The next step was “releasing” the curls, which was… more scrunching! Surprisingly, my curls went from stiff to soft. I was amazed. My hair definitely didn’t feel like it had any product in it, honestly! My curls looked GREAT, like the bouncy ringlets I saw in other girls pictures!

after (slide for more)

So, the verdict? 100% worth it for a curly cut! Not only did the cut help define my curls and shape my face, the product application and styling process taught me so much. I always knew my curls needed hydration, but I had no idea I was nowhere close with what I was doing before! Not only was I lacking in product in my hair, I was drying it ALL wrong… which I kind of knew already. Pro tip for drying curly hair: use a microfiber towel or a plain tshirt! Cotton towels and hair wraps can cause frizz and dry out the curls way too fast.

Putting all of this knowledge together with my new haircut, I’m hoping to push my curls to their maximum potential! I went from curly to CURLIER. It’s time to add some emphasis to “curls” in Cats, Curls and Clothes!

a special shout-out and thank you to Stacey Klingerman, the hairstylist that did this cut and styling for me! You can find her at SK Salon in Wooster, Ohio!


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