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I'm not making this up...

And I'm not doing my makeup either!

You probably have a makeup routine. And it probably takes time out of your day, in the morning and at night. You have to sit down, look in the mirror and think "What do I need to do?" Is it covering something up? Lengthening your eyelashes? A little bit of everything? Once you decide what you're "making up", now you're wearing it all day. You're looking in the mirror to make sure your mascara didn't run, or maybe you're touching up your concealer. It's time consuming and not always great for your skin. Not to mention the constant thoughts of "Do I look okay?" or "Oh, their makeup is better than mine." But what is it all for? Maybe you love makeup, and you are comfortable with or without. Maybe you feel like you need to wear your makeup to feel "put together" or so nobody sees the "real" you. I'm here to tell you it doesn't matter in the best way.

This past week, I went makeup-free all day, every day. The "real" me. From Sunday to Sunday, no foundation... no mascara... NOTHING! Seriously. The idea came to mind Monday morning when I was running a little bit behind. I usually take 5-10 minutes for my makeup every day, but there wasn't time that day. As I was driving to work I decided, why not do this every day this week and see where it goes? And I'll tell you!

On the first day, I wasn't sure how I would feel. Usually I wear mascara and concealer and/or foundation every day. I always felt like my eyes wouldn't "pop" without mascara. Or that people would see my uneven skin tone without foundation. While that may be true, what I found out was... I had no idea what people were thinking! So who cares if I had mascara or not? I can't tell what people are thinking, so what makes the difference? I realized by the second day that I felt great. My skin could breathe, I had the extra time in the morning, and didn't have to remember to take it off at night. I truly didn't think I would ever be comfortable being makeup-free, but once I knew how it made me feel, it didn't matter what people thought, it mattered how I felt.

So what's the point? Am I saying to ditch your makeup routine? Not necessarily. I decided to share my makeup-free week with everyone to show that it CAN feel good and it IS possible. Nobody cares about your eyelashes, and I mean that in a good way. If you feel good, you're going to look good. Your confidence (and smile... cheesy, I know) are your best makeup. Take a week off. Let your skin breathe. I promise, you'll look great either way.


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