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jumping into fall

“It’s still summer” “You can’t put pumpkins out yet” ….Sorry, not listening! Like me, a lot of people like to get a head start into fall. It’s a cozy and magical season filled with beautiful colors, amazing scents, and great fashion! If you’re ready to feel like fall even when outside still feels like summer, here’s how.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves entirely, !because you still want to listen to the temperatures. You don’t want to overheat! That means leaving the shackets and the sweaters in the closet a liiiiiittle bit longer. There are other ways to bring fall into your ‘fits!

Go for fall colors in cooler fabrics. Your outfit can say the leaves are falling outside (even if they aren’t) without feeling too warm! I like golds/mustards, oranges, and browns. Other great choices are olives and deep reds! This way, you’re channeling your fall vibes and keeping it cool. Keep the knits packed away and make use of your light tees, cotton, and breezy dresses. Bring in some plaids and fall-colored florals if you have any. Sometimes a pattern just screams fall!

You can also slowly introduce longer skirts. You can still pair these with short sleeve tops, and if you’re not going for the flannel or wool, you’ll be fine. The extra length will give a fall feel, and you’ll be pairing them with your sweaters in no time. This applies to dresses as well! Dresses can be flowy and light, so you can dip into the fall styles easier. Like I said before, go for the fall colors. Get yourself a long dress in a beautiful fall hue and you’ll think you’re headed to the apple orchard (even if it’s 85 degrees)

Want to go a little further? Wear a fall perfume! Fall has SO many amazing scents… caramel, pumpkin, maple… if you have any perfumes with these notes, it’s time to break them out! You’ll be surprised how autumnal you’ll feel just by a scent. (And yes, I’ve started wearing mine) My long favorite fall scent (I’ve had it FOREVER!!) is Sensual Amber by Bath and Body Works.. it has that warmth and sweetness that just reminds me a beautiful fall day. I’ve recently found a new contender for my favorite: Bonbon Couture by Viktor & Rolf - the most decadent caramel scent you’ve ever smelled. Try it out next time at the perfume counter!

Although we’re counting the days for the leaves to change and crisp mornings to start, at least there’s a way to get a small start on autumn! Like most, fall is one of my favorite fashion seasons… and we’re gonna talk about it all season long!

See ya soon. 😉

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