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styled by music

Because we get our style from somewhere, right?

There are two things I have always had an interest in: music and fashion. Like most people, I’ve gotten my sense of style from a few places, whether it be pop culture, current fashion trends, or even through friends. Just recently, however, I was thinking about how the music I listen to can influence what I wear and what I buy. Now, stay with me here.

Music can influence style in two ways: from the actual artists style, and from the general “vibe” or feeling that the music provides. I believe my style comes from both. Sometimes I will dress in brighter colors or fun pieces (like a flowy skirt or in something yellow) if I’m listening to happier, upbeat music. Other times, if I’m listening to a certain artist or album, I end up dressing in a way that reminds me of that artist or album.

For example: most music artists go through “eras.” Music eras are defined by color schemes and one central overall theme. An artist known for doing this is my favorite, Taylor Swift. Each of her albums presents a different era. And with each new era comes new fashion.

Her earlier albums were country-focused, so her style reflected that. She often wore cowboy boots with her dresses. When she moved into her Red "era”, she went with more classic and timeless styles. Moving into 1989, an album that’s her most pop-sounding and fun, she went with bright colors and everything sparkly. She matches the fashion to the album feel every single time. If I get ready listening to Taylor Swift, I end up dressing in whatever vibe I get from the album that is playing. If it’s Folklore or Evermore, I end up dressing in plaid, houndstooth, or neutrals, because that is the styling she presented with the album. If I'm in a Lover mood, I end up in pastels and delicate and feminine styles.

I don’t just do this with Taylor Swift, though! Other examples include: if I’m listening to ABBA, I end up with flowy pants or flare jeans. If I’m listening to the Beatles, I usually go for my vintage-inspired pieces. I dress how the music makes me feel, or how I see the music. It’s like if the song was an outfit, what would it be?

Seriously, I've done this for years! I added a few screenshots from my past Instagram posts. In 2013, I posted an outfit that was inspired by Ariana Grande.

In 2017, Taylor Swift had just released reputation and my outfits said that! Reputation's theme was dark colors, and it was no coincidence I wore a lot of black!

Sometimes I change my style based on music daily, and sometimes my personal style evolves depending on the type of music I am I interested in for a long period of time. I’ve recently been more interested in everything from the 1950s-1970s, resulting in listening to music from that time, and my style reflects that! I’ve been wearing pieces reminiscent of those times because I want to look how the music makes me feel. I've purchased lots of midi-length dresses and skirts, with recurring patterns of polka dots and floral.

Style is influenced by so many factors. Music, pop culture, current events. When you think about it, your style may be influenced by music too. Country fans tend to wear cowboy boots and plaid. Fans of older music may dress more classy and timeless. And pop fans, you wear what is in trend, just like the music is! A few months back, there was a TikTok trend asking users to post their top songs or artist for each year and a picture of what they looked like during that time. You may think music has nothing to do with it, but next time you're getting ready (especially if you have music playing,) think about it!


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