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not another new years resolution

Because a new year doesn't have to equal big changes.

We're one week into 2023. By now, you've probably set new resolutions and intentions. If you haven't, it's not too late. By setting goals and intentions for the upcoming year, you're setting yourself up for improvement and success. Here's the the best part - they don't all have to be huge life-changing goals! You can aim for new habits and routines, finding more positivity, being more organized... the list goes on, because it's whatever you want to achieve!

Need ideas? Here's a few of mine...

LESS. PHONE. USAGE. While that may be ironic not only considering my job and owning and writing a blog, there's a line between scrolling for ideas and inspiration and simply wasting time. My personal goal is to not use my phone first thing in the morning (because why should Facebook be the first thing I see every day?) and putting the phone down closer to bedtime. No more blue light!

Stay organized! Never lose track of an appointment or forget what you have going on. There's been too many times I haven't written down my appointments to the point of not knowing when they are until the week of. Yeah, that's bad. While that may not be the case for all, it's still good to write down any obligations you may have.

I'm also planning to hold myself accountable for every day tasks and chores. I can say out loud 2000 times that I need to do laundry, but if I add it to a list and can't check it off at the end of the day, I feel unproductive. (Plus, not having anything you like to wear is the worst) Writing down tasks and chores you want to complete is great motivation to actually getting them done.

Find more little joys... and enjoy them. If you read my last post, you know I'm all about finding little bits of happiness in every day life. These little joys may act as rewards for tasks or simply centering and calming you at the end of a long day. These can even be new habits to enjoy in your daily routine! I'm personally working on relaxing in the evening and enjoying a nice bath... if you haven't tried the Dr. Teal's melatonin bubble bath or salts, you are honestly and truly missing out. If I'm not tired, it fixes that right away.

Enjoy time inside. You can find happiness during cloudy, cold winter days. You may feel like you can only have fun outside in the sunshine, which can really lessen your mood during the winter. It doesn't have to be that way! Find things to enjoy indoors - like puzzles, coloring, or painting! I'm a puzzle fanatic at the moment, and it's really fun to put together pictures. I'm pretty sure I won't be buying any more wall art because I love to frame my puzzles!

Buy the things you want. No, don't do it EVERY time, but treat yourself every so often! It's not doing much good sitting in your cart online, especially if it can either a) bring you joy or b) improve your life. Bonus points if it does both! If you can't justify it without a significant reason, try adding it in as a reward for completing goals or tasks throughout the year.

Dress for yourself. I know, we hear this a lot, blah blah blah don't care what others think. But seriously, we're done worrying about others thoughts. If you do this already, good for you! If not, make 2023 your starting point. There is no real dress code to life except the one you make for yourself. I'll always stand by "You can never be overdressed." (To a point, but you get it) As much as I think I've grown into my own style, I still find myself shying away from the things I really love. It's time to change that!

Are you ready to set new challenges and intentions for yourself this year? It doesn't always have to be weight loss or eating healthy. You don't need to make huge changes to make little differences in your life. Make 2023 your year of small improvements, little joys, and setting good intentions. As the months go, you'll find yourself happier, more productive, and enjoying your time! Happy goal-getting!

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Great read and helped inspire some new resolutions for myself! Fashion should be fun and I agree, we should wear what makes us smile.

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