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sandals of summer

First day of summer? Check.

Sundresses? Check.

Fresh pedicure? Check.

But wait… what’s missing? Your favorite sandals, of course! How do you know what your favorites are? How do you decide which ones go with what outfit? Easy.

I'm a strong believer in a pair of shoes for every outfit. So what sandals DO you need this summer?

First... the neutral. A neutral sandal is going to match most of your outfits, because, its neutral! Jeans, a sundress, a pair of shorts… you got it! The key here is not going too casual like a flip flop, but not too dressy like a wedge you’ll never wear. My neutral sandals this year are the Cameron Flatform Wedge Sandal from Sorel. I got them in “Honest Beige” and honestly, they match everything! But didn’t I just say, don’t stick to a wedge? These are an exception, because they’re basically a platform and I can wear them all day, every day. Seriously.

What‘s next? A comfort sandal! I have several favorite comfort sandals, for obvious reasons. My favorites are anything from Teva! I love my Midform Universals and Midform Arivaca Karinas. They’re great for walking, running errands, or even a busy day at work! I usually pair my comfort sandals with active wear and occasionally jeans. They’re best for anything casual.

Lastly, everyone needs a fun sandal. This could be a fun color, or those wedges we strayed away from earlier! Fun sandals are perfect for a night out or adding a pop to your outfit! My fun sandals of this summer are the Ella II from Sorel in the color “Sunnyside”. You can find them here or similar ones at Village Gift Barn in Sheiyah Market. Yellow is one of my favorite colors so I couldn’t pass them up! They’re great to add a pop of color to whatever I wear. I usually add them to a nice sundress or a monochrome outfit, like all black.

Whether you have your summer sandals lined up or you’re still searching for the perfect pair, it’s never too late to buy the shoes ;)


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