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spice up your shackets

It's a shirt AND a jacket. It's a shacket.

With the easy look of a shirt and weight of a jacket, the shacket is the perfect fall and winter piece. This isn't the first year of the shacket, so the trend has been holding on. By now, almost everyone has a shacket, and when everyone has the same piece, you have to make it your own.

Typically, shackets are worn over a shirt with skinny jeans or leggings. While there's nothing wrong with that, why not take the styling up a notch? It's always fun to find new ways to wear things, especially to keep them in your closet!

Styling option #1: A shacket with a skirt! Just because it's colder out, doesn't mean the skirts need to take a seat. First, find your favorite short-length or mini skirt. This will work best with a straight or a-line silhouette. Next, find a good layering piece to tuck into the skirt and layer under the shacket. Personally, I'd go for a turtleneck. Tuck the shirt into the skirt, and find your favorite shacket! This styling can work with waist length OR longer length shackets, it's totally up to you! When the temperatures are chilly, don't forget to add a pair of tights.

Styling option #2: Leather. Leggings. You read that right! Shackets already pair well with leggings, so make them a little more luxe. Find your favorite pair, no matter the color. (Obviously, you want to match your shacket). Since most shackets are long or oversized, this look will work best if you fully button the shacket so it covers your leggings. Add a pair of lace-up boots or sneakers, and you're good to go!

Styling option #3: Mixing prints. The most common print for a shacket is plaid, usually on a larger scale. Most people think you can only pair a solid with a print, but that's not the case! To make your shacket more fun, try adding a different printed shirt underneath. Because most shackets are a large plaid, you would want to go for a smaller scale print. You'll also want to keep it within the same color family. Small florals or thin stripes could work great! Add your favorite pair of jeans or leggings, and take your shacket out on the town.

Don't have a shacket yet? Well, here's the best part: since the trend is so big, you can find shackets anywhere! Because it is in the second year of the trend, variations are coming around. Before, most shacket styles were found in plaids, but lately I've seen more solid color shackets popping up. If you end up with a solid color shacket, you can style it up a *little* bit more because you don't need to worry about clashing prints. This means add a fun plaid pant, or floral jean!

Quite honestly, just treat your shacket for what it is: a shirt AND a jacket. Therefore, style it how you'd style your other shirts or jackets. You can swap out your denim jacket for your shacket, or even your sweater. The possibilities are endless, you just have to think outside the (plaid) box. The trend has held on for around 2 years now, so it's probably not leaving tomorrow. Keep styling up your shackets, and keep warm!


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