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take control of your wardrobe

Because it might be doing its own thing.

I've been there. You just bought a new piece and its hanging in your closet waiting to be worn. You finally decide today is the day and... you have nothing to go with it! You thought you were buying a fun new top for your closet but you ended up with another piece that hangs there for months until its sold or given away.

So how do you combat that? How do you make sure you end up with wardrobe that is 99% wearable that you love? Easy.

#1: Pick your colors.

When you're shopping, you're probably looking through styles, materials, etc, but the thing most consumers respond to and look for first is color. Most people have favorite colors, so when you're shopping you are probably gravitating towards them. First, you need to stop and think: "Do I like looking at the color or wearing the color?" Sometimes there's colors that we LOVE but just don't wear, whether it doesn't go with our skin tone or hair, or just doesn't match your "vibe." For me, it's purple. I love purple everywhere else, but when I buy it in clothing it never works out. Therefore, purple is a "look-don't-buy" color for me. The colors I DO buy and wear are yellows, blues, and every single neutral. I'm usually a seasonal person, so going into fall I add a bit of rust and orange into the mix. Other than that, if I buy a different color (we're talking primary or solid here, not in prints), then I end up not wearing it. Find your favorite colors to wear, and start looking for those.

#2 Pick your patterns

Similar to colors, there are patterns we gravitate towards. But this applies to the same rule: buy what you wear, not what you look at. For me, I usually go for stripes, florals, and polka dots. In the words of Jess Day, "I rock a lot of polka dots." Patterns I stray away from are any animal print, camo, and the newer trend of aztec/geometric prints. Some of these prints I generally don't like, and some I know I will never wear. Most people develop a personal style and aesthetic and I know those patterns don't fit mine. Now, the color rule applies to the patterns as well. Maybe something is in your favorite pattern, but is the color way going to work for you? Being mindful of these things keeps your closet fresh and the words "I have nothing to wear!!!" out of your mouth.

3# Pick your styles.

General rule of thumb: BUY WHAT YOU WEAR. If you aren't a dress girl, DON'T buy the dress because it's in your shade of pink. Don't buy a peplum top if you don't love the fit on your body. Buy for your body type but stay within your colors and patterns. For me, I have to go with styles that focus on my waist because otherwise, its not there. I also go for high waist ANYTHING because #shortgirlproblems. I'm usually more of a dress and skirts girl as well. Find your body type, and buy for that. If you're a pear shape, don't try to hide your torso under a flowy top! If you're more of a rectangle, stay away from anything boxy. It's definitely a process to find your body type and what styles work the best, but you'll get there!

Am I saying to NEVER buy green if you don't normally? No, but it does help to be more conscious of what you know you like so you don't end up with unworn pieces. Finding the colors, patterns and styles that fit your body, skin tone and hair color can make all the difference. If you still want to buy whatever you want, go for it! If you don't have issues wearing any new pieces then you're good to go, girlfriend!

If you do struggle with your wardrobe, following these tips will help! I also recommend taking less trips to stores where the clothing is all together on long racks. Going through racks like these makes you look more at the price and less at your colors and styles. Going into more organized places helps you find your colors and patterns. Places like boutiques (cough cough, Sheiyah Style Boutique in Berlin Ohio) are typically merchandised by overall aesthetic and color stories. This can help you zone in on what you REALLY need to be looking at.

In the end, wear what you love and what makes you happy. It could be within a color palette, or it could be every color of the rainbow. You do you. Happy shopping!

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