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this will "suit" every"body"

In the words of Barney Stinson: "Suit up!"

(bodysuits, that is!)

Made popular in the 1960s and going to the 1980s, bodysuits have been used for layering as blouses and t-shirts for years! They faded away but now they are BACK!

I'm always paying attention to the newest trends and working in a boutique makes it even easier, so when they arrived on our racks I was ready for it!

Bodysuits are great for so many outfits, for so many people, of so many ages. And if you're reading this thinking "I'm too old for that," you're wrong, sorry! Think of bodysuits as a layering tank top that stays tucked in. It's so much more convenient! All you need is the right size, and you're golden. If you think your torso is the issue, just size up. Seriously, I thought I would hate them and be uncomfortable, but I can't tell the difference!

Bodysuits are best worn as a layering piece, UNLESS they are designed to be like a blouse. I have two layering ones and one silky-looking blouse style. Today, its all about the layering. Again, it's just like a tank that stays tucked in. Usually when I tuck a tee or tank into my jeans, I'm adjusting it ALL DAY, trying to keep it from rolling up. I use mine tucked into any styles of my jeans - wide leg, straight leg, skinny... it works with all because its not a bulky piece! In the summer you can wear the bodysuit alone, but in the cooler months you can throw on a jacket or cardigan. Today I threw a cropped button-up over my basic black bodysuit!

My other styling choice for bodysuits is paired with a skirt. For the most part, I usually tuck tops into skirts when styling (unless its crop shirt), so it's perfect to opt for a bodysuit instead of a shirt. Its truly all about the convenience, lets be honest. Another upside: it keeps you ALL together! The design of a bodysuit is to be form fitting, so its like shapewear you don't have to hide! For this outfit, I chose a tan racerback tank bodysuit from Sheiyah Style Boutique to go with my plaid skirt.

Now, I don't care how old you are. And here's why. You can look at a bodysuit and say "Oh I'm too old for that," but why? Are bodysuits only meant for the younger generation because of the style? Once you try it on, nobody can tell the difference! They can't look at you and think, "Oh why are THEY wearing a bodysuit?" because YOU CAN'T TELL! It looks like another tank or t-shirt tucked into your skirt or jeans, but its one that's not going anywhere! We've talked about this before; you can't read someone's mind, so wear and do whatever you want!

All I am saying... is give bodysuits a chance. They could be a great addition to your wardrobe for convenience AND style. Gone are the days adjusting your tank top so it stays tucked in. Remember, they were popular before for a reason, and they didn't come back for nothing!


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