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this one's for the t-shirt drawer

Tees from concerts. Tees from vacations. Super cute tees with flowers (or cats) that you couldn't pass up at the store.

If you're anything like me, you have countless graphic t-shirts. You usually want to pair them with a jean or an athletic short because that's all they go with, right? Wrong! Graphic tees can be styled in oh so many ways, whether they're music tees, cute sayings, or even just a fun picture!

#1 Paired with a skirt

Wait, what? A graphic tee with a skirt? Absolutely. This is one of my favorite ways to style my tees. The best part is, you can go with almost any type of skirt: denim, floral, gingham... a fun stripe, a dramatic tulle... you have so many choices! The key is to, of course, match your colors. When I go with any printed skirt, I like to match my tee to one color in the skirt, unless its a neutral. For this look, I paired my "Just Peachy" tee from Sheiyah Market with a floral skirt I thrifted. I matched the color of the tee to one of the colors in the flowers. Now, if you're going with a fun skirt like tulle, you want to pick a novelty style tee... so keep the vacation beach tee in the drawer for this one. However, that beach tee can pair great with a denim skirt!

So how do you wear a tee with a skirt? Do you tuck it in? Tie it up? Yes and yes. It depends on the skirt style and what is going to flow the best. If you have a tighter fitting skirt, go for a front tuck, leaving some fabric out in the back. If your tee is a little oversized, twist it into a front or side knot! If the skirt is designed to accentuate the waist, tuck the shirt in all over so it isn't fighting the silhouette. This is going to depend on your body type and how the clothes are fitting, but you got this, girl!

#2 Old faithful: paired with denim

Okay, so, this one's easy. The best part of pairing a tee with denim is it can be ANY style. This means your beach tee, your concert tee, your novelty tee... even your cute sayings! Denim is the perfect, casual go-to for styling a tee. With your denim, you can leave your tee tucked in or out! I tend to do a front tuck with any of my tees and denim. Add a fun belt to accessorize this look! Tees with denim is almost always a fail-safe choice. For this outfit, I paired my "Kitten's First Piano Recital" (which omg, how cute?!) tee with some distressed shorts!

#3 Layered with a jumpsuit or dress

Okay, hear me out. Usually if you're layering under a dress or jumpsuit, you're going for a solid color. I mean, can you even see a graphic tee under something? It depends! You're going to want to go for a tank style dress/jumpsuit, so you can see the tee the best underneath. Next, make sure your graphic is covering most of the tee, meaning it will peek out when layered! The best options are a pattern, or anything with a repeating design. I paired my Taylor Swift tee under a romper from Sheiyah Style Boutique and although you can't see the full tee, you do get a glimpse of Miss Swift! It's a good way to make your dress or jumpsuit look more casual with a little peek of a graphic tee.

Next time you're getting dressed, open up that t-shirt drawer and see what you can come up with!


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