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bike shorts are a girls best friend

Sorry, diamonds!

Do you have a pair of bike shorts? Have you seen the trend? Honestly, they are everywhere. And for good reason! Bike shorts are the versatile piece your closet is missing.

Personally, I have at least 5 (if not more) pairs of bike shorts. They’re the perfect piece because they tend to be inexpensive and they’re really lightweight! They’re also useful in SO many outfits. My favorite ways to wear them are: with a big t-shirt or sweatshirt on a casual day, under a dress or skirt for a little extra coverage (and smoother walking, we'll get there), OR paired with a short dress or tunic style to peek out underneath!

The most common way you've seen bike shorts styled is with a t-shirt or sweatshirt. This is the casual, comfy way! I usually go for an oversized tee but sometimes I go for any tee, it can work both ways depending on your comfort level. It's like the summer time version of leggings! I love this way because I can go for any of my colors or patterns of shorts. When it cools down, I pair them with a nice sweatshirt or hoodie for a little Princess Di moment. (If you know, you know!)

In this outfit, I paired my Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins tour tee with some of my patterned shorts. You could also pair a solid tee with any patterns. While we don't have this pattern, check out Sheiyah Style Boutique for some fun printed bike shorts!

Now, I never wear a dress or skirt without a pair of bike shorts or a similar style of spandex. They're great for holding you in and preventing any friction while walking if your thighs aren't the best of friends. I wear them with any length of dress or skirt, but they're even better for shorter lengths because they provide extra coverage... especially if its a windy day! The best part about pairing them with a dress or a skirt means they're useful year round... as long as you still wear them in cold temps, like me!

The last way I wear my bike shorts is probably the most uncommon. I've recently started styling them with my tunics or shorter dresses that don't have enough length to be worn alone, but when I don't want a full legging. I really like this styling because it's different and helps me utilize my tunics and short dresses while still being covered. It gives a look like a romper but with two separate pieces. For this outfit, I paired my button up tunic with my navy bike shorts from Sheiyah Style Boutique. I also have these shorts in black! They're a great price ($12.99!!!) and work perfectly with any of my mentioned stylings.

Whether you already have a pair of bike shorts or you're considering them now, they're a great staple piece to add to your closet that can be used in so many ways. Summer's not over, go dive in!

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