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dressed in white - volume 1

Yayyy! First post of 2024! I was so excited when I got this idea because it meant 1) I could write and 2) it’s actually going to be a mini series!

If you’re new here, or don’t know me really well, or whatever… I’m getting married in May! While I can’t show you *the* dress, I thought it would be fun to chronicle all of my white looks & explain a bit of my inspiration.

So far I’ve only had my bridal shower, which was back in March. My original dress inspiration was something in an eyelet or lace fabric, in a mini or midi length. If you scroll down before you finish reading… you’ll see that’s not what I went with at all! After I wasn’t finding anything that excited me, I switched my vision. I started looking for unique design features & silhouettes. At that point I felt like I had shopped everywhere imaginable. The minute I scrolled past the dress I ended up getting, I was like yep, that’s it! It was really important to me to make each “bridal” look different and memorable in its own way, and I knew this dress was perfect.

I chose the cutest little poplin mini dress. It had an asymmetrical neckline and an adorable bottom tier that created the perfect flared silhouette. A short puff sleeve added the right amount of drama to the look, and it paired perfectly with my light blue pleated heels. (Side note- I was always planning to wearing blue shoes for this look, so the dress had to match those) I finished the look with a pearl headband because my goal is to weave a headband into almost every bridal look.

My first “dressed in white” look was a success and I am sooo excited for what this next month and a half brings!

Coming up next: my bachelorette party at the end of April. I have several looks planned that I can’t wait to share… so stay tuned!

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