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Finding inspiration can be difficult, and it's particularly frustrating when you have the desire to do something but not the motivation to pursue it.

I love my blog and I love writing, but I always find myself turning thoughts over and over until they've been in my head for months with nothing to show. Thinking of writing and actually doing it are two different things, but I'm determined to connect them again.

In the past few weeks I've gradually gained motivation to return to writing and rediscover the joy I have here. I am always thinking about writing, telling myself I want to, and failing to execute. This triggers a vicious cycle of desire, failure and ultimately feeling disappointed by something I know I can control. It's especially disheartening when you disappoint yourself, but that stops here.

Feeling this personal encouragement doesn't mean I have a blog post idea for the next several weeks, but it means I finally feel like it's possible. I've once again found the desire to write about the things I am passionate about, and that's the first step to success. You cannot succeed simply by wanting; you succeed by trying.

The point is: I will be holding myself accountable for the things I want. I am not achieving happiness by thinking "I want to write" - I'll achieve happiness and satisfaction from actually completing the task. I hope that you too can rediscover your passion or determination for something you love.

Stay tuned, everyone. I'm feeling re-inspired.

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