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little joys

The holiday season can be busy and overwhelming, and if you're moving too fast, you might miss a few things! I've recently leaned into the cliché of "enjoy the little things in life," and not only does it bring me joy, but gives me appreciation for every day things that can be overlooked.

Everyone's "little joys" will be different, but here are a few of mine I have noted...

1) Dressing for the holidays! It's great to dress up for parties, but why not bring it into every day life? I've worn several festive outfits to work or out and about, and it really brings the holiday spirit.

2) Trying new things. I'm not much of a DIY girl, but I decided to make a few of my own hair accessories in the past few weeks. I made a few velvet bow hair clips and a bejeweled headband. Not only was it really fun, but I learned how to do something new and create something totally my own.

3) Enjoying treats! I'm always on myself for eating healthy and then feeling bad if I don't, but I realized it brings me more joy to enjoy a sweet treat when I want to, especially during the Christmas season! Plus, I've already made a personal agreement to work on being a lot healthier come January (when all of the seasonal snacks are gone, of course)

4) The scent of something I like. Whether it is one of my Christmas season perfumes (a whole different topic entirely, to be honest), or a good Christmas candle, it's great to stop and take a moment to truly enjoy the scent and what I like about it.

5) Working up excitement or anticipation for small things. Maybe its finally getting to see a movie I was interested in or getting a new episode of one of my favorite shows, but its nice to enjoy those little feelings of excitement. One thing I look forward to during this season are my advent calendars because it's so fun to open each day, even for something small.

These may all be little things that don't seem significant in every day life, but that's the point! It's important to enjoy the small aspects of life, especially if they can contribute to your happiness. I'm sure my list can be longer and I even hope to continue adding to it.

As Christmas approaches and you feel like you're always running with no time to rest, I encourage you to slow down, even if for a few minutes, and start to find your little joys.

Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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