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First impressions are everything...

So I hope this is good!

Hi! I'm Tessah, the creator of Cats, Curls & Clothes. For the longest time, I wanted my own blog but never acted on it.. (ask my friends), until now!

I created Cats, Curls and Clothes to explore and write about my love for fashion and lifestyle, from new trends to my favorite products, and more!

So, what's in a name? Cats, Curls and Clothes is the best way to describe me. I love cats, and have two of my own, Tory and Batman. I'm well known for my crazy, curly hair (that never looks the same twice, btw). And clothes... are my favorite! I love to style myself and others, as well as trying out trends, and maybe even bringing a few back ;)

Follow along for posts on, you guessed it, cats, curls and clothes!

See ya soon!

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